Animal Ministers


Our School animals

There are lots of animals here at school: we have pigs, goats, chickens, guinea pigs, a hamster, some pigeons and a terrapin.


Names of the animals:

Guinea pigs: Bob and Tom

Information about Bob and Tom: These guinea pigs are the youngest of the lot and are also boys.


Pigs: Smokey and Jet

Information about Smokey and Jet: Jet is a girl and Smokey is a boy.


Hamster: Elf

Information about Elf: She is a girl and looks a little bit like a rat.


Terrapin : Terry

Information about Terry: He is the only Terrapin in the school.


Goats: Nemo and Dudley

We named our goats after a vote around school. The reason we called Nemo, Nemo is because he has a smaller ear on one side, just like Nemo the fish has a smaller fin.



These live in a pen on the school field and love the fresh air.



The pigeons are our newest residents to school and are located near our polytunnel.


Looking after the animals:

All animals need to be clean, therefore it is an important job to clean them out regularly. Also, Terry needs to have clean water every week.

To live, they also need a reasonable amount of food and water, therefore we have to feed them and give them water.

The last step which mainly applies for small animals is to hold them so they don't get scared and are used to human contact and know that they are loved and cared for.

The guinea pigs sometimes go outside which gives them fresh air and 90% of their diet is hay.   



What do all animals need to be cared for?

1. Food

2. Water

3. Clean place to live

4. (little animals) holding and some love and care

5. Fresh air if they don't live outside and they are not animals that live in water.

Please contact the school if you would like the animals for the upcoming weekend or holiday!